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5. Boughey Road
Situated in Boughey Road, this is a small but very cosy terraced property consisting of 4 bedrooms in total.

On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, lounge/living room, kitchen, bathroom, and one bedroom. There is also a lockable understairs cupboard for storage. On the first floor there are 3 bedrooms.

The property is fully furnished, with each bedroom having a bed, wardrobe, desk, chair and shelves, etc. There is extra storage space in the wardrobe areas and under the beds. There is comfortable seating provided in the lounge.

Additionally, there is a fast Broadband Internet connection with a wireless router installed providing a secure network.

The property has double-glazed windows throughout and has gas central heating. Both the front and back doors have 5-lever deadlocks.

Equipment and features provided include the following:

  • Gas Central Heating
  • Double Glazing throughout
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Gas Cooker
  • Washing Machine
  • Tumble Drier
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Kettle
  • Basic collection of cutlery, plates, pots and pans, etc.
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Cable Broadband Internet access with wireless router
  • Television with Freeview
  • Digital quality TV Cable in every bedroom
  • Key operated door lock for each bedroom
The Rent for 2017/18 is as follows:

NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED - We no longer require a security deposit. This has been replaced with a "Parental Guarantee" - which needs to be signed by a "Guarantor".

RENT - is 50 per week per person for just 42 weeks of the year. The remaining 10 weeks (during the summer), although under contract, are at NO COST per week, unless you wish to stay in the house, in which case, the normal weekly rate will apply.

BILLS - are 10 per week per person. In order to keep costs under control and make life easier for all concerned, this extra "contribution" of 10 per week per person covers the following bills for which the Landlord will take responsibility (this is payable over just the 42 weeks - not the 10 weeks when the property is vacant):
  • Water Rates
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • TV Licence
  • Fast Cable Broadband Internet access
  • TV with Freeview
Note: Full-time Students are exempt from Council Tax.

With the ever increasing cost of energy, having these costs paid as part of the rent means that the students can budget easily and not have to worry about finding extra money to pay these high bills. It also means the Landlord can ensure that the best value can be obtained for these services. At just 10 per student per week, this is good value for peace of mind, especially when you consider (with respect) that most students do tend to leave lights, TV's, computers, etc., switched on, even when they are out! Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers, etc., also tend to be used more than in an ordinary family household.

What is more.. should the total of these bills overall come to 10% less than the total paid, then a refund of the "overpayment" will be made. However, if it is 10% more, then the tenants would be asked to pay extra. This makes it fair for all. Full details are in the Tenancy Agreement.

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