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Details of our Tenancy Agreements are provided below.

We would have liked to provide actual copies of the agreements, but due to the complicated and detailed nature of these legal documents we have detailed the nature of the contents, but not the documents themselves.

Each "Landlord/Tenant Agreement" is a single Tenancy Agreement covering the whole house, not individual rooms. That means the whole house is let as a single unit, and as such each tenant is jointly responsible for every aspect of the agreement.

Our Tenancy Agreements have been checked by independent solicitors and comply with all regulationary and Landlord "good-practice" guidelines, as specified by the National Association of Residential Landlords, The North Staffordshire Landlords Association and Stoke-on-Trent City Council. Each agreement includes the following:
  • Name and address of Landlord and the property address
  • Names of all the tenants
  • The length of the agreement
  • Details of the Rental Payments and any fees required
  • Dates rent is due (there are monthly/termly payment options)
  • A breakdown of the total rent payable
  • Details of bills paid by the Landlord
  • Terms and conditions of the Agreement:
    • Landlord promises
    • Tenant promises
    • Guarantor promises
  • Signatures of all concerned
  • Contact Information sheet for:
    • Council Tax Exemption
    • Home contact details
For details of the latest rental payments for individual properties, please use the links on the right.

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